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Explore Mysterious Places In Mexico!

Posted by on Apr 22, 2016 in Mysterious places, Places In Mexico |

Catemaco, The Capital Of Magic, Sorcery and Mystery

Catemaco is a city located in the Mexican state of Veracruz, and being that it has a long and extensive history when it comes to magic, it can be said to be a capital of magic and sorcery in its own right.

vista2This tiny city is located on Lake Catemaco. The Catemaco Municipality in fact stretches north to the Gulf of Mexico, and has become popular tourist destination not only because of the beautiful nature which includes region’s rainforest and Lake Catemaco, but also because of a long tradition of sorcery and witchcraft. The magical tradition of this place has a long tradition in the pre-Hispanic period when it was practiced by the Olmecs.

Not only that this magical tradition is well-known in Mexico, but it also attracts numerous clients who come to Catemaco in order to participate in magical rituals. People who come here for the magical rituals, come from all walks of life and all parts of the world. This includes successful businessmen, as well as national level politicians. In fact, a lot of people are gathered on the annual event in March dedicated to sorcery, which gathers around 5000 visitors each year.

eyipantla03-656x387In addition to that, Catemaco also prospers from its magical background and tradition. This is the place where you can hire a ‘brujo’ – male witch, who will take care of your problems with magic or a clean you from bad magical influences. The majority of people who practice magic in Catemaco are males, and the reason why this tradition survived is because the region remained in relative isolation, so pre-Hispanic tradition could survive. In the streets of Catemaco you can buy various charms, Mexican handicrafts, and folk art, so it can be said that the magical tradition and backgrounds also has a positive impact on the city’s income that comes from tourists.

6_mexican-witchcraftIn Catemaco magical practices are common, but the majority of people are only used by these rituals and do not take the practice seriously. There are two types of practitioners: those that practice white magic and those that practice black magic. White magic is certainly more accepted by the people, and this is why there are more ‘brujos’ who practice white magic, then those who practice the black version. In addition to that, people who practice black magic usually charge more as well. 

All in all, it can be said with certainty that sorcery is one of the main attraction of Catemaco whether you believe in it or not. In addition to that, magical practices attract all sorts of people to Catemaco in search for a solution to their problems. Even those magic is the main attraction of this city, it is not promoted as part of Halloween or Day of the Dead. In fact, the popularity of magic has made it possible for any con artists to take advantage of the situation, which makes it really difficult to find a genuine practitioner of magic.

Explore Mysterious Places In Spain And Mexico! Magic And Sorcery Blog

Posted by on Apr 22, 2016 in Mysterious places, Places In Spain |

For a long time I was not in synch with my desires and my true being. I was working as an estate agent, and was bored with life itself. Then a couple of years ago I had a proposition to start an esoteric blog. I embraced this idea and it proved to be a  great choice for an agent in Oahu, Hawaii, to start fulfilling his lifelong dream. Now I am living my dream visiting and exploring mysterious places in Spain and Mexico! Hopefully by reading my blog, you too will be encouraged to follow your dreams, but more importantly you will learn more about mysterious places in Mexico and Spain, sorcery and magic! Here are some of the most amazing places I have visited so far!

Shiprock, New Mexico

shiproc1Even though today a lot of people refer to this natural phenomenon as Shiprock, the 1700-foot eroded volcanic plume was sacred to the Navahos as well. The Navahos called it Tse Bi dahi, or the Rock With Wings, which is quite poetic and beautiful. The name the Navahos use for this rock originates from an ancient folk myth which says that this rock was once a bird that transported the ancestral people of the Navahos to their lands. In addition to that beautiful and clearly metaphorical story, this place has a magical appeal to it and the Navahos respect it as a particularly sacred place.

Avila, Spain

148577-004-8D74D073Avila is the capital of Castile-Leon, and it has been declared a World Heritage site. Avila is definitely one of the finest remnants of Europe’s medieval era and it was sacred to an ancient Celt Iberian culture long before the arrival of Romans or Christians for that matter. This mystical place even attracted St. Teresa who prayed and lived in this area. St. Teresa was a Carmelite nun who lived in the 16th century and is known for her frequent visions and ecstatic experiences.

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

santiago-de-compostela-cathedralThis place in Spain has been attracting pilgrims for centuries! People have been coming throughout Europe to visit Santiago de Compostela even before the 12th century. The sacred place is thought to be one of the holiest places in the world and it still attracts many visitors today. Even though it is primarily a place of pilgrimage for Christians, there are also a lot of legends and myths related to this site that connect to natural features and elements that are esoteric and mystical.

Machu Picchu

One of the most magical and mystical places I have visited so fat is definitely Machu Picchu, located in the Andes Plateau of Peru. People even believe that because of its geographical position this place has healing properties and can in fact heal not just visitors, but the planet itself. You can find spirituality here, but you can also come across many alternative healing medicines, as well as shamans and alternative doctors. People come here for their own spiritual pilgrimage and they are usually not disappointed no matter what their faith is.